ActiveSignal 'Smart Cell Signal'tm for Horse Performance

Thousands of Equiwinnertm Patches used Worldwide

ActiveSignal's research and the elucidation of the 'Smart Cell Signal'tm led to the development and manufacture of the unique Equiwinnertm patch for horses.

Following the principles for fuzzy logic transient presentation of sealed therapeutic chemicals to the epidermal surface, two signal nodes containing a balance of sealed electrolytes are mounted on a patch. The electrolytes are coated in such a way as to provide for microscopic apertures facing the epidermis. More.

Equiwinnertm was originally designed to activate angiogenesis of skin capillaries so as to reduce the excessively high blood pressure of racehorses under maximum exertion. This high pressure was known to cause exercise induced pulmonary haemorrhage (EIPH), or horse bleeding. This is a very common problem in horses. Equiwinnertm has now saved hundreds of horses from the previously untreatable condition of EIPH nose bleeding.

Equiwinnertm also corrects anhidrosis, or non-sweating, another previously untreatable condition in horses, particularly those in hot climates. The 'Smart Cell Signal'tm is also effective throughout the body in restoring full hydration of horse body tissues, indicating persistence of the induced cell to cell signalling.

Another condition for which Equiwinnertm is rapidly effective is equine rhabdomyolysis, or azoturia, commonly known as 'tying-up'.

Warren Ward, the discoverer of the 'Smart Cell Signal'tm, has described for the first time in history the full aetiology of the previously unknown cause of automatic headshaking in horses, which can be corrected using Equiwinnertm.

In addition to clearance of the these four debilitating conditions, trainers in all horse sports and disciplines have reported improved speed or performance following restoration of normal homeostasis using Equiwinnertm.

Many thousands of Equiwinnertm patches have been sold since the product launch in 2004. For further information about Equiwinnertm please see the Equiwinnertm website.