ActiveSignal™ Innovation - Smart Cell Signal™

Safe Oral Delivery Method - Without Adverse Side Effects

Great Progress

ActiveSignal was founded in 2006 to develop the Smart Cell Signal™ platform technology. The principal use of the technology is for the manufacture of oral tablets and capsules which can capably address many debilitating conditions safely and without adverse side effects.

ActiveSignal has assembled a team of technical experts and world leading clinicians to take the Smart Cell Signal project forward. Clinical trials have already commenced and more have been commissioned to start in 2014. These trials are in association with highly regarded UK research hospitals and Universities for the first group of conditions chosen to be addressed.

The conditions chosen are those well known to have a severe effect on the life of patients, but which currently have no satisfactory treatment. We expect these initial trials to be successful, indicating an eventual life-changing experience for sufferers.

The novel invention of Smart Cell Signal is protected by patents and patent applications worldwide and all rights are reserved to ActiveSignal Ltd.

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The Horses page describes our novel product, the Equiwinner™ patch for horses. Equiwinner™ addresses four previously intractable debilitating conditions in horses including exercise induced pulmonary haemorrhage (EIPH lung bleeding). In EIPH, Equiwinner fully regenerates the damaged lung capillaries. Equiwinner was the first curative product to use the safe effective Smart Cell Signal™. Equiwinner™ has been distributed worldwide since 2004 with over 15,000 horses successfully treated.

"ActiveSignal", "Smart Cell Signal" and "Equiwinner" are trade marks or registered trade marks.